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VSAT C-band

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Castor Networks VSAT C-band

We cover Africa with 3 VSAT C-band satellites. For C-band, you need a 2.4 or 1.8 meter antenna. C-band has a frequency band of 3.7 – 4.2 GHz for downlinks and 5.925 to 6.425 GHz for uplinks. If it is important to have the highest availability on your connection in areas which are sensitive to rain, then C-band is the ideal option because the C-band frequency is the least senstive to rain fade.  

VSAT for NGO in Africa

Castor Networks VSAT iDirect C-band coverage

Castor Networks VSAT C-band coverage

VSAT Internet Provider - Castor Networks

The advantages of VSAT C-band are:

  • Low frequency avoiding weather interference
  •  >99.7% service availability
  • Unlimited use of the internet
  • Dedicated and shared connections
  • A stable, fast and reliable connection with a latency between 550-650 ms

When to use VSAT C-band 

VSAT C-band is perfectly suited for rainy environments, for example tropical areas in Africa. In addition, from a more commercial perspective, C-band technology is the best solution for satellite applications that require higher bandwidth. W

The C-band technology is often used in the mining, and oil & gas industry, but also banks in Africa are using this type of satellite internet. Castor Networks also provides effective satellite internet solutions for NGO’s. You can read more about this here. 

NGO Vsat Solutions | Castor Networks
The benefits of VSAT Internet - Castor Networks

The benefits of choosing Castor Networks VSAT C-band 

  • We are a specialized VSAT Network Operator: we own the VSAT platform, teleport antennas and we are right at the source in case of system failure or need for technical support;
  • We are backed by strong 24/7 NOC support, on-site installation and support capabilities; 
  • As a mid-sized company, we can be flexible and tailor our services to your requirements; 
  • We have our own IT department and will optimize our C-band satellite internet services to work optimally with your IT infrastructure (LAN).

Learn more about our VSAT C-band technology

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