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Castor Networks a leading Satellite Internet Service Provider

Castor Networks is an Authorized Starlink reseller, OneWeb Service provider and a VSAT Network operator with its own Teleport in the Netherlands. We provide global LEO and GEO satellite internet services to business, governments and NGOs as a stand-alone or a hybrid solution. 

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Starlink for business High Performance KIT

Authorized Reseller of Starlink

Castor Networks is an Authorized Reseller of Starlink for Businesses, Government and NGO customers with a strong focus on providing advise and 24/7  manned support which can be contacted via phone, e-mail or an online trouble ticketing system. Starlink Enterprise services are both offered for Fixed and Land Mobile  applications. We provide an online portal for its Starlink customers, ready to deploy stock and spares.

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Authorized Reseller of Starlink SpaceX

OneWeb Service provider

We provide OneWeb LEO Fixed and OneWeb LEO Land Mobile services which can be used with single or dual dome Intellian antenna set-up and a flat panel Kymeta Hawk u8 antenna. The smaller Intellian single OW50L dome and flat panel Kymeta u8 antenna provide a smaller equipment footprint at the customer location but come with a higher service price. The larger Intellian OW70L and OW130L dual dome set-ups provide higher throughputs at lower bandwidth cost. 


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OneWeb Intellian OW70 Installation
VSAT on oil rig

VSAT Satellite Network Provider

If you are looking for a reliable connection delivering High Speed Internet and IP Connectivity for your organization, select our VSAT Internet service. It can be used for a wide range of applications and can be set up anywhere, even in the remotest places. We are a VSAT Network Operator and a Teleport Operator meaning we own/operate the full infrastructure required for your services and therefore can give immediate technical support if necessary, without depending on third parties.

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Teleport services

Castor owns and operates 13 antennas from 3.7m to 18m in diameter out of Teleport Burum, The Netherlands. All antennas are N+1 redundant with automatic switch-over. The Burum Teleport is connected by redundant, geographically separated fiber links to Amsterdam Global Switch Datacenter, which is our main PoP and Internet outbreak. In Amsterdam Global Switch Castor Networks has peering arrangements in place to guarantee the best Internet Connectivity for you. In traffic speed, the Amsterdam Internet Exchange is the second largest internet exchange in the world. 

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Teleport Services from Castor Networks

Why Castor is the best Satellite Internet Provider

Our mission is to be a natural partner for our customers. We provide them with high quality service and professional support. Long-term relationships are an important part of the spirit of our business: some of our key customers have been with us for over 15 years. 

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