Starlink for business High Performance KIT

for Fixed and Mobile sites

Authorized Reseller Starlink

Castor Networks is an Authorized Reseller of Starlink for Businesses, Government and NGO customers with a strong focus on high-quality service.

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40-220 Mbps

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Starlink Fixed for as primary connectivity service, back-up or interim solution

Enjoy quick deployable high-speed fibre-like broadband Internet via Starlink at affordable prices by Starlink Low-Orbit Satellite network consisting of more then 5,000 satellites, making it effortless to extend connectivity worldwide. Your Internet speed is no longer limited by local terestrial networks, LTE infrastructure or power grid availability enabling your business to thrive.

Starlink Fixed can serve as primary enterprise connectivity, replacing 4G and VSAT, or serve as a backup or interim solution.

Starlink for business High Performance KIT
Starlink for trains, trailers and vehicles

Starlink Land Mobile for Emergency and Maintenance Vehcilces, Trucks, Trains or Trailers 

Starlink Land Mobile provides high-speed In-Motion connectivity to every corner of the world beating LTE Networks coverage. Starlink provides lower latency and higher speeds compared to mobile VSAT services at signifcant lower costs and is a cost effective alternative to 4G/5G/LTE services.

Starlink Land Mobile replaces or compliments LTE, Mobile VSAT services and Iridium services.


Starlink Maritime for Merchant, Offshore, Cruise and Superyachts

Starlink Maritime is a satellite communication service specifically designed for maritime applications. It offers high-speed internet connectivity to ships and vessels at sea, enabling enhanced communication, navigation, and access to online services for maritime industries and sailors worldwide.

Please visit our sister company Castor Marine if you are interested in Starlink for Maritime.

Starlink Maritime for vessels and yachts
Starlink coverage map

Starlink Coverage

Starlink Fixed and Land-Mobile plans con be offered by Castor Networks in US, Canada, countries which are part of the European Union and Australia. Starlink Fixed requirements need to be discussed on case-by-case basis because Castor Networks may require to set-up a local entity in these countries with a full telecom license in order to provide the services.

For maritime the Starlink coverage is global, with the exception of some territorial waters where the service is blocked. 

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