Reliable internet during exploration and production

Effective satellite communications solutions for mining

Castor Networks provides reliable satellite communications options for mining operations, anywhere in the world. Our solutions are easily scalable throughout the life of a mine and support companies specialized in each phase from exploration, development through exploration.

Our satellite communications solutions for voice and data help improve communications and mining operations resulting in cost savings, faster results and improved safety. Regardless of your location, we can provide solutions for your voice and data satellite communications including:

Reliable, durable and capable communications for Remote mine sites allowing a mine site to have the same reliable, high performance access to business applications as the corporate HQ.

Flexible and mobile satellite communication solutions allowing Exploration Teams to transmit test data in real time such as temporary VSAT services.

Satellite WAN back-up for reducing downtime at mining sites as a result of fiber outages because of power outages and fiber cuts.

Maintaining staff morale by providing High Speed Internet for Welfare Networks.

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Exploration is a crucial step of the Mining process, it is also the least profitable. We are aware that the longer it takes to find a site, more capital is needed. With this in mind we focus on offering companies an end-to-end solution. With robust structures, yet flexible and scalable, allowing the company to promptly switch from searching to production.

Exploration teams require compact mobile equipment, quickly deployed for exploration assignments, that are required to operate from anywhere between two to twelve weeks at a time. The ability to communicate data in real-time and to access the corporate systems is essential, such as ERP, drilling data, Intranet and email. Our deployable VSAT service based on flexible contract terms combined with a portable lightweight VSAT antenna can be quickly and easily assembled in the field and provide the required broadband communications by these teams. A small portable BGAN terminal is ideal as an emergency backup for VSAT network and satellite phones ensuring coverage for individuals while working in the field.

Production phase

For Mining Operations in Production Phase, Castor Networks provides Fixed VSAT Services which are suitable both, as primary communications as well as disaster recovery back-up service. Castor Networks provides satellite connectivity tailored to your budget and requirements up to 155Mbps.

While focus is often placed on automation and productivity applications in Production Phase, many mine sites struggle to access basic business applications which are essential for daily communications such as ERP systems like SAP. Our VSAT services ensure that the remote mine site has a reliable connections to HQ and the same reliable, high performance access to the applications as in the corporate HQ.

The Dedicated Bandwidth (SCPC) service offers guaranteed throughput to your site at all times, not allocated on demand and the bandwidth can easily be upgraded as business demand grows. Based on the Castor Networks’ teleports and a selection of top/grade partners, this service is truly global. This is an excellent solution for single locations requiring more than 2 Mbps upload speed.

The iDirect VSAT service offers a shared broadband internet access as a premium service when you require a low-cost but reliable and secure two/way IP communications. The service offers download bandwidth up to 60Mbps and upload bandwidth up to 18Mbps. The service is based on iDirect Evolution technology and is provided through the iDirect hub at Castor Networks’ Teleport. This is an excellent solution for both single sites as well as for a closed customer network consisting of multiple sites. Customers with multiple sites can benefit from Group Bandwidth services to support multiple sites and allocate/share bandwidth efficiently between sites.

Welfare network

Indifferent of the current business cycle, the Welfare of Staff is vital for the functioning of machinery and the success of daily operations. With Castor Networks, we provide a range of services to care for the workforce.

  • Sat TV which offers a large variety of channels to be cherry picked from. Sat TV which offers a large variety of channels to be cherry picked from.
  • High-speed internet connection for private use, such as social media, or skype.
  • Telephone services.

Single site or private network

We offer solutions that are the perfect choice for a single location, or a private IP network. The private network allows for a sharing of VSAT resources and data transmission with more ease. Supporting critical systems and relying real-time data with accuracy.


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