OneWeb Intellian OW70 Installation

for Fixed and Mobile sites

OneWeb connectivity is designed from scratch as a business-to-business service that comes with a Service Level Agreement (SLA) that guarantees minimum speeds, availability and performance. 

24/7 support
Service Level Agreement
Full services
Technical support

50-150 Mbps 

2-20 Mbps 



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OneWeb LEO Fixed as primary connectivity service, back-up or interim solution

OneWeb LEO LEO is straightforward to integrate and rapidly to deploy as a primary, back-up or hybrid solution to new territories and hard-to-reach locations. The service provides High Speed Internet with low latency enabling fast and large data communications possibilities that drive business performance, sustainability, and improved staff welfare.

The equipment for OneWeb LEO fixed can be single Intellian dome, a dual dome Intellian antenna set-up or a flat panel Kymeta Hawk u8 antenna. The Intellian single OW50L dome and flat panel Kymeta u8 antenna provide a smaller equipment footprint at the customer location but come with a higher service price. The larger Intellian OW70L and OW130L dual dome set-ups can provide higher throughputs at lower bandwidth cost. 

Intellian OW50 OW70 OW130
Kymeta Hawk u8 OneWeb terminal

OneWeb LEO Land Mobile for temporary, rapid deployment and mobile connectivity 

The OneWeb LEO Land Mobile service can be deployed for temporary connectivity for emergency situations as it can be rapidly deployed at short notice to areas with no existing or functioning terrestrial or LTE infrastructure. The service is also tuitable for In-Motion connectivity.

The flat panel Kymeta Hawk u8 terminals can be installed on cars, trucks, trains and trailers.

OneWeb Maritime for Merchant, Offshore, Cruise and Superyachts

OneWeb Maritime is a satellite communication service specifically designed for maritime applications. It is an excellent complementary service to Starlink or part of a Hybrid connectivity solution for vessels and Superyachts at sea.

Please visit our sister company Castor Marine if you are interested in OneWeb for Maritime.

OneWeb for maritime
OneWeb expected coverage per June 2024

OneWeb Global Coverage 

OneWeb services are available already  on the main continents including the Americas, Europe and Australia. OneWeb full Global coverage is expected to be live June 2024. 

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