Castor Networks Connectivity services & support

Wherever you are, we provide your connection

Wherever you are, we make sure you are connected

We are not only a leading provider of Satellite Internet and IT services but also the VSAT Network  and Teleport Operator required for the services. With us, you source directly from the source and because we own the platforms and infrastructure we can be more flexible and provide better support because of limited third party dependence. We are independent, experienced, and able to tackle and customize all connectivity needs for the following industries:

Mining sattelite communications from Castor Networks
Satellite ground station

Support beyond the Internet service

From designing your IT solutions aboard a superyacht or advising on the most suitable internet connection or satellite phones in the most remote places: Castor Network knows the field of connectivity and satellites and is able to answer all your connectivity questions. No expedition, company, or crew is the same and we know this better than anyone.