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Do you have an issue to report? Our Castor Support Staff is 24/7 available for remote support, please contact us through our support portal or the following contact details.

T: +31 (0) 88 646 0120

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Do you want to make or change an Occasional Use booking?

Our Booking Office is 24/7 available for support. We recommend using our convenient online booking system, but if you need additional assistance from Castor Service, please reach out to us through the following contact details:

T: +31 88 6460925

Do you want to do an Occasional Line-up?

For occasional line-up, please contact:

T: +31 88 6460925 (Castor Netherlands)

Why Castor Networks?

Castor Networks is a leading satellite communication services provider and teleport operator, based in the Netherlands. We provide VSAT internet and mobile satellite services to companies active in the Mining and Energy industries, to NGO’s and Governments. Enjoy reliable connectivity, full Castor Service without third party interference and flexible support. Wherever you are.

VSAT internet provider Castor Networks