VSAT NGO solutions by Castor Networks

Reliable satellite internet for NGOs and humanitarian aid


Effective Satellite Communications solutions for NGOs

Castor Networks knows that NGOs do most of their work in remote areas. Nowadays good and reliable Internet is crucial to the NGO operation and the welfare of their staff. Castor provides reliable end-to-end VSAT Internet solutions, allowing your organization to focus on your core business; aid. Our services excel by offering local support and installation through our local teams present in our offices South Sudan, Central African Republic and DRC. We already serve almost 50 NGOs s either for their in-country or pan African Internet connectivity.

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Premium VSAT internet

Our Premium VSAT internet services offer both dedicated and shared Internet connectivity options for businesses, governments and NGOs. We provide reliable, secure Internet connectivity with European quality, with our Internet outbreak in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. We have developed unique tools to help you prioritise office applications over welfare service like Facebook and YouTube. Our Customer Portal shows you real time use of your Internet link so you know that you get what you pay for. In addition to that, we deliver premium support. As a VSAT Network Operator for NGOs, owner of the VSAT platform and teleport infrastructure with our own local installers, we are truly a one stop shop without relying on third parties.

VSAT NGO solutions by Castor Networks
Satellite Internet Services for NGOs by Castor Networks

Managed VSAT networks

If you have multiple sites in one or more countries, a Managed VSAT network connecting all your remote sites to your headquarter or cloud environment can be a cost efficient solution for your business. Our sales team will advise on the most cost-effective solution for your multi-site requirements, such as group bandwidth and terrestrial infrastructure connecting to your headquarters.

Portable VSAT for NGOs

NGOs, like Mining and Oil & Gas companies often work in remote areas requiring mobile satellite communication solutions. We provide a range of portable solutions.

Why choose Castor Networks for your NGO?

  • We offer a wide range of Satellite Internet services, dedicated or shared, suitable for a wide range of purposes
  • We are a specialised VSAT Network Operator: we own the VSAT platform, teleport antennas and we are right at the source in case of system failure or need for technical support
  • We supply, install and support on customer location worldwide with 24-7 support from our NOC
  • As a mid-sized company, we can be flexible and tailor our services to your requirements
  • We have our own IT department and will optimize our Internet services to work optimally with your NGO IT infrastructure (LAN)
  • Reliable communications which provide your NGO organization with the high performance required to access all critical and operational applications
  • Maintaining staff morale by providing High Speed Internet for Welfare Networks
  • Flexible and mobile NGO satellite communication solutions providing data in real time such as Inmarsat BGAN and temporary VSAT services
NGO Vsat Solutions | Castor Networks

Castor Networks

Castor Networks Satellite Communication solutions are backed by strong 24/7 NOC support, on-site installation and support capabilities. All our services are set-up with precision enabling us to ensure high availability and reliability for your NGO. We provide clear Service Level Guarantees to our Customers. VSAT licensing can be facilitated in most countries through our regulatory assessment service and through our local licensed service partners.

We offer solutions that are the perfect choice for a single location or a private IP network. The private network facilitates the sharing of VSAT resources and data transmission with more ease. Supporting critical systems and relying real-time data with accuracy.

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Our sales staff is available to answer all your questions. Please contact us by phone, e-mail or contactform.

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