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We are a leading VSAT network operator with a strong focus on high-quality service.

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VSAT Network Provider 

With Castor Networks you source VSAT Internet directly from the VSAT Network Operator and owner/operator of a Teleport without going through intermediate parties. Because we own/operate the VSAT Hub and Teleport required for your services we can provide a solid SLA and can give immediate technical support if necessary, without depending on third parties. Our broadband VSAT solutions provide high-speed connectivity anywhere, including remote locations, directly via satellite to our teleport station in the Netherlands.

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VSAT Group Bandwidth

We offer intelligent VSAT internet solutions to optimize your bandwidth utilization. For organizations with multiple offices spread across various cities or even countries, we present a solution known as Group Bandwidth, available in C-band or Ku-band. This is a “pool” of bandwidth that all sites can use, with options to set priority settings between locations. 

Instead of having individual connections, we group the sites , so that they use the same bandwidth and benefit from the high maximum throughput of the pool.

VSAT Internet Provider - Castor Networks
Newtec SCPC MDM6000


SCPC services for dedicated high throughput requirements 

For customers requiring 50-200 Mbps dedicated connections, Castor Networks provides SCPC services based on Newtech MDM6000 modems to provide a cost effective High Speed service. 

ST Engineering Newtec iDirect



Customer portal and VOYAGER

Our VSAT internet services includes an in-house developed customer portal, allowing you to monitor real-time data such as speed, data usage in gigabytes, signal levels, and more for each remote site.

Additionally, all iDirect VSAT customers have access to the advanced tool VOYAGER, empowering you to monitor and manage your VSAT internet traffic efficiently. You can see which applications consume the bandwidth and can block groups of applications.



In-house developed portal showing applications using the bandwidth


Benefits of sourcing VSAT Internet from Castor Networks

  • Tailor designed VSAT solutions
    We have the capability to customize our VSAT services to meet your specific requirements.
  • Solutions for your IT requirements
    We understand IT environments and will optimize our VSAT internet solutions to align with your IT demands.
  • Best in class Online Portal 
    Our in-house developed portal provides real insight which applications use the bandwidth and allows for  blocking unwanted applications to save on bandwidth usage.
  • Local support
    We have an extensive local support network across Africa.
  • Cost-efficient VSAT solutions
    Our experienced team can advise on the most cost-efficient VSAT solutions for your broadband needs.