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VSAT internet

We are a leading VSAT satellite provider with focus on high quality service.

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Complete provider of VSAT Internet

VSAT Internet can be used in a wide range of applications and is suitable for setup in any environment. Our Broadband VSAT solutions deliver broadband capabilities anywhere, even in the remotest places, straight from the satellite to our teleport in the Netherlands.

Premium VSAT internet

Our Premium VSAT internet offers both dedicated and shared broadband for businesses, governments, and NGOs. We offer reliable, secure two-way IP communication, with our Internet breakout in Amsterdam, Netherlands. In addition to that, we deliver premium VSAT support.

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Group bandwidth

We provide smart solutions to optimise the use of your bandwidth.  If you have multiple offices spread in several cities in a single country or even multiple countries we offer a solution named group bandwidth, available in C-band or Ku-band. This is a “pool” of bandwidth that all sites can use with priority settings between sites being possible.

Instead of having expensive individual connections, we can group the different sites so that they use the same bandwidth and benefit from the high maximum throughput of the pool.

Vsat Internet Provider - Castor Networks
Castor Network vsat solutions


Customer portal and VOYAGER

We provide you with a portal called iReport which allows you to view your speed, usage in Gb, signal level, etc. in real-time and the history for each individual remote site. In addition, we have developed a tool called VOYAGER. VOYAGER allows you to view and manage your VSAT internet traffic. You can see which applications eat your bandwidth and block groups of applications.



Benefits VSAT Internet

  • Tailor designed VSAT solutions
    We are able to customize our services to your needs.
  • Solutions for your IT requirements
    We understand  IT environments and will optimize our VSAT solutions to your IT requirements.
  • Manage your internet traffic
    We offer a powerful tool named Voyager that can reduce your internet traffic by blocking unwanted applications.
  • Local support
    We have extensive local support around Africa.
  • Cost-efficient VSAT solutions
    Our experienced team can advise on the most cost-efficient solutions for your broadband needs.


The benefits of Vsat Internet - Castor Networks


Highlights VSAT Internet

  • Highly reliable VSAT
    VSAT satellite networks are independent of terrestrial infrastructure. The technology is unaffected by weather or regional conditions. 
  • Smart solutions
    We offer additional solutions to handle your VSAT connection smarter. Think of VSAT telephony and voyager.
  • Optimise your IT 
    Whatever your IT needs are, we offer you different solutions, such as different bandwidth options such as C-band, Ku-band and Ka-band.