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Make smarter use of your Satellite connection

With the right systems, security, and use of your bandwidth you can make more efficient use of your satellite connection. In the market today, there are many different products and suppliers and the problem is not the choice itself. The challenge is aligning the dependencies between these products and dealing with many different suppliers. Get the most out of your satellite connection at the lowest cost with Castor Networks.

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IT networking, Security & Filtering

Several applications may use the Internet services such as business application, CCTV, entertainment and phone systems with many dependencies to each other. Through IT network design we help improve performance and throughput that you achieve over satellite networks by optimizing dependencies between IT, entertainment systems. Read more.

Internet acceleration

We use compression and caching technology from Xiplink. This technology makes Internet surfing faster and more cost efficient. Read more.


VSAT Telephony

Our telephony service is optimized to work with Castor VSAT services. It offers business voice call quality with low costs per call with minimum bandwidth. Read more.

Best use of your bandwidth

To make the best use of your bandwidth, make sure you use our smart satellite internet:

  • We provide users with the fastest network experience possible by maximizing speed and efficiency
  • We bring together a set of advanced technologies into a single, user-friendly appliance designed to improve network productivity
  • We limit the traffic actually going over the satellite link through cache for faster response
  • You can block users or certain services to control the use of bandwidth

Learn more about our Value Added Services.

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