Castor Voyager: analyze and manage your internet traffic

Castor offers the VOYAGER platform to give you unique real-time visibility of your internet traffic (through the Castor Portal) as well as control over the way you use the expensive internet connection.   By blocking undesired traffic, you will be enjoying a better and faster user experience as the Internet will work smoother and more responsive.  

Smart and powerful solution

With satellite internet, slow connections are a frequent frustration for a user. The requested bandwidth far exceeds the available bandwidth resulting in a congested connection making all internet use very slow. Buying extra bandwidth is expensive and still not very helpful, it is much smarter to block unwanted traffic and prioritize the connection to those applications you deem crucial for your business or purpose like recreational traffic. We see often enough that Windows Update eats 50% of capacity…why not program that this is done during the night?  Voyager makes this possible!

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Voyager platform

Voyager enables the IT manager to manage his internet traffic. Voyager consists of the following modules to help you manage your internet traffic:

  • Analyze: graphs which shows applications are using the Internet connection, this module is included in your standard Internet service and can be accessed via our Customer Portal
  • Command: allows for prioritizing, limiting and blocking on application level. This can also be done time based for specific days of the week. This service is available against a small fee.
  • Protect: provides security against Cyber Threats. This service is available against additional charges.

In addition, there is a (basic) Hotspot functionality: a teleport based Captive Portal allowing you to give users a bandwidth allowance per day/week.

Voyager is an advanced tool to manage the Internet traffic on a great level of detail. It operates directly from the Teleport. A major advantage is this is without the need for local devices; Meraki or another firewall. This saves cost in equipment and reduces need for local IT expertise. Voyager will assist customers in monitoring which applications use their bandwidth and provide tools to prioritize, limit or block unwanted applications. This will give you control to assure the Internet service is being used in line with the customer requirements. 

Voyager Analyze

To help you understand the way your internet connection is used we are providing you the analysis of your traffic completely for free. The Castor Portal shows you a breakdown of your internet traffic by application or if so desired by device.  You can easily zoom into a specific category, for example streaming.   From now on you can easily know how your internet connection is being used.  With this information you can take corrective measures using Voyager Command.

Voyager Command

Voyager Command allows for prioritizing, limiting and blocking hundreds of applications.

A large portion of the bandwidth in the network is being used by software updates (Windows and other Software updates such as Apple and Android updates) and streaming applications such as YouTube, Facebook Video and Google Play background synchronization applications. For some business customers we have found that more than 50% of the bandwidth is being used by software updates and non-business applications during peak business hours! You can zoom in details in our online customer portal. For your ease of use we have grouped and prioritized all applications and defined three service profiles. This service is for FREE, it is included in the standard VSAT service fee. The standard profiles allow you to choose which profile best fits your desired use of your internet connection without any additional monthly cost. It is of course also possible to completely manage the Voyager setup by yourself.  For this we charge a set-up fee  and a small monthly charge.

Voyager Protect

With Voyager you can also easily protect your remote sites against cyberattacks originating from the Web. Unexperienced users use all kind of devices without up-to-date antivirus software accessing unwanted content on the web.  Since Voyager Protect works on the internet link itself all connected devices are automatically protected. This way the IT department has less work and less worries.

Key features

Web Analytics
Receive a clear picture of your web usage with real-time reports and analytics. Identify possible threats that can affect business productivity and security. Detailed web analytics will empower you to make informed decisions regarding the web use of your users in order to maximize quality of experience and productivity.

Centralized Threat Blocking
Threat analysis software is centrally located at teleport side enabling rapid updating of software in order to minimize reaction time to emerging threats. Malicious content is scanned and blocked before it arrives on the user’s device.

Increased Bandwidth Savings
According to recent studies bandwidth usage relating to ads can reach anywhere from 18 to up to 70% of bandwidth in web browsing. Protect is able to block Ads before it consumes your data. Thus, realizing real savings in your bandwidth usage.

Browsing Restrictions
Enforce company policy and promote good browsing habits for users that aligns with your organization's rules and mission statement. Select from a wide variety of categories to block browsing to for example “Adult”, “Firearms” and “Bomb Making” to name a few.

Phishing / Malware Protection
Safeguard your organization identity from being hijacked by Phishing and Malware targeting unsuspecting users. In the age of “Cloud Computing” user credentials are of utmost importance and it is not enough to only have local protection. Protect will block content and websites known for malicious activity thus preventing unwanted credential leaks in your organization through websites.

Your account manager will be happy to provide additional explanation and provide the applicable pricing for your needs.