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We optimize your VSAT connection and reduce your costs

Make smarter use of your VSAT connection

A smart IT Network provides a smart distribution of your VSAT connection. Your VSAT connection keeps you connected to the world and important businesses in your field. Make sure you optimize productivity, reduce costs, and protect your critical applications.

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IT network design

Through IT network design we help improve network performance and Internet throughput that you achieve over satellite networks by optimizing dependencies between IT, entertainment systems. We advise on the Network segmentation (VLANs) and Quality of Service settings to optimize the performance of the customer LAN (Local Area Network) and customer WAN "Wide Area Network" spanning all customer locations.


Our Voyager View service provides precise, real-time insight into individual applications using the Castor connection service, even the encrypted ones that bypass standard firewalls.


Our Voyager Command service provides real-time control of applications by setting traffic limits per applications or block applications completely. This allows you to shape your bandwidth for better performance and use the service more efficiently

Security as a service

All of our customers get an open internet connection. This means that even though you are not in immediate danger, your internet connection is not safe. You can receive extra security as a service, to protect all valuable information and communications of your company or organization from unwanted guests.

Learn more about our IT Network Security & Filtering.

Make the most of your internet availability with security, managed LAN and bandwidth management. With these added services you can protect your workflow, your data and critical applications.

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