We accelerate your VSAT connection

We make sure you get the fastest possible connection

A fast internet connection does not just depend on signal strength and total bandwidth. Castor VSAT services improves user experience without upgrading bandwidth: the fastest possible connection while reducing on-going monthly operating costs.


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Optimization of your connection

With optimization of your connection we help improve the performance and throughput that you achieve over satellite networks. We use compression, latency optimization and caching technologies. Compression relies on data patterns that can be represented more efficiently. Latency optimization include TCP refinements such as window-size scaling and congestion control algorithms to reduce the effects of latency. Caching is a smart memory system that saves the internet page or file downloaded. This means that when a file or page has been downloaded before, the next user won’t download through satellite but from the cache. The connection is therefore available for other applications.

Packet shaping

With packet shaping we prioritize your network traffic and optimize performance, improve reaction time, and increase usable bandwidth for critical applications. It also controls the amount of bandwidth available for specific applications or credentials, ensuring available bandwidth for the most important applications or users.

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With internet acceleration we make sure you receive the fastest possible connection and that there is always bandwidth available for the most important applications and users, ensuring the best workflow without creating larger expenses.

With our value added services we can provide you with the best and fastest connection without raising your costs. Would you like to learn more about our value added services? Please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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